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YO Home Sperm Test x2 | at-Home Fertility Test Kit for Men

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YO Home Sperm Test x2 : 97% Accurate, Smartphone-Fast Results for Your Patients.


    • The YO Male Fertility Home Test is a consumer-level sperm quality analyzer that is derived from the technology of the flagship product, the SQA-Vision.
    • Provides Motile Sperm Concentration analysis, a YO score, and a video of the sperm sample.
    • Ideal as a first screening for fertility, it's fast, simple, and precise.
    • Available over-the-counter without a prescription.
    • Complete privacy and convenience with at-home testing; no sample shipping or visits required.
    • FDA and CE cleared.

    As part of your purchase, the following items are included:

    • YO Version 2.0 WiFi Testing Device
    • 2 Pipettes
    • 2 Vials of Liquefaction Powder
    • 2 Collection Cups
    • 2 Testing Slides
    • Power Cable and Accessories
    • Product Insert
    • 30 day warranty 

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