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ProteX At-Home Semen Collection and Insulated Return Transport System

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Biogenesis Fertility Friendly Lubricant (Sperm Tested & FDA Cleared)

Biogenesis Fertility Friendly Lubricant (Sperm Tested & FDA Cleared)

ProteX At-Home Semen Collection and Insulated Return Transport System

Healthy Sperm. Increase Your Chances

Be sure your partner’s sperm is also at its best. Trust in ProteX, the world's first and only scientifically designed sperm collection system, to protect and secure your sample from collection through safe transport for processing. You can confidently collect his best sperm sample at home or in the clinic offering another opportunity to increase your chances of success in IUI, IVF, or ICSI procedures.

Say goodbye to the outdated traditional utility collection cup that can harm your sperm. ProteX provides immediate protection upon collection increasing motility for up to 48-hour stability so you can get one step closer to starting your family. Give your sperm the VIP treatment they deserve.

Key features and benefits:

  • ProteX protects fragile sperm from damage during collection
  • Enjoy At-Home convenience and improve sperm quality in a relaxed atmosphere
  • No longer use the dreaded clinic “M” room and collect in the intimacy of your home
  • No rushing to a clinic in one hour — ProteX keeps the sperm sample stable for up to 48 hours.
  • Approved nationwide for use by fertility specialists, laboratories, and cryopreservation. No prescription is required.
  • Protect and secure your sample during transport with specially designed insulation for return shipping. Increase confidence that your sample remains in a stable temperature environment

Performance Benefits:

  • Increase the motility of sperm compared to the traditional specimen cup
  • Allows sperm to naturally adapt to a drastic change in their environment
  • 360° thermal barrier with double wall construction reduces damaging temperature fluctuations
  • Exposure to air increases the potential for damage. Reduce sperm exposure to air, light, and plastic by 75% due to its funnel design.
  • A sterile, single-use container within a sterile pouch
  • FDA Listed Class I
  • Sperm survival test


  • Sales of the product are final.
  • Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. 

Read more about the published scientific studies and see the featured data. 

Mfr. No. 10001-D ProteX (diagnostic and treatment, individually packaged and sterilized)

Mfr. No. 10001-D



Mfr. No. 2003-01

ProteX (diagnostic and clinical treatment, individually packaged and sterilized) 

InVirto Care Media, SPERM WASH MEDIUM 

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